Do Not Remove No. 1, 2019

Hand painted, and drawn book. Issue No. 1 of Do Not Remove contains bright abstract images, and interactive elements; such as pull tab illustrations between pages, crossword puzzle, most of the Proust Questionnaire, astrological stuff. Each issue is placed in a local coffee shop, and replaced with the upcoming issue at the beginning of each month. This series will run until October, 2019.

Previous issues are to be collected, as long as not already removed from cafe. No reproduction of the work is done outside of photos for documentation purposes.

coming soon.png

From the Other One, Spring 2019

From the Other One is a graphic memoir that explores a daughter's relationship with her mother and the devastation of Alzheimer's disease. 

From the Other One is ultimately about the tenuous relationship between ourselves, others and our own bodies. 


How to Pick Up a Bag of Chips, 2018

This delicious mini comic derides the vernacular of pick up culture and celebrates tasty, tasty potato chips in doing so. Picking up and eating a bag of chips is cool. Having to endure pick up lines is not. Inspired in part by Carol J. Adams’, The Sexual Politics of Meat.

Ceci N’est Pas Une Pun, 2016

My first published thing. It holds a special place in my heart. The pages contain and assortment of cartoons, games, and colouring. No longer in print.