Alison Uhma is an illustrator, comic book maker, and animator. She lives in Cape Breton, and works in a shared studio space in the North End of Sydney. She is currently working on autobiographical projects, as well as a series of individual hand drawn, and painted books. Alison runs a small business called On Paper Prints, making greeting cards, and giclee prints featuring local vernacular, and anthropomorphized animals. Because this section of the website is an about, let’s read what Alison has to say about her journey to art making, and why she does it, “In my early twenties I thought that I would work in the church, that is what I wanted to do. But as I grew I found comfort, and truth in the chaos of the world—I did not need static metaphysical understandings to make my way. I left the church and my theology studies to study sociology, and literature. I found strength, and inspiration in modes of understanding like intersectional feminism, and phenomenology, and in the work of poets like Elizabeth Bishop and Seamus Heaney.” Alison believes this shift in study and understanding is reflected in her work, “My illustrations convey chaos, and noise, a reflection of how I interpret the natural, and constructed world we live in. My autobiographical work moves amid these themes as well. I am interested in telling the truth. Truth is something I crave. I seek to uncover experiences, amplify voices, and relate interpretations of the sonic; it’s all an attempt to render moments. Our places are packed with memory, and both the anxieties, and hopes for the future. I unpack that, or pour out the contents. What I find is often very sad, and/or very funny. It depends on what comes out, and people react to my work with laughter or tears. Comedy, and tragedy are sisters.” This all sounds very serious, but Alison does not take herself too seriously, “I don’t take myself too seriously.” To know what Alison is up to you can contact her via uhmamail@gmail.com, or follow her on Instagram.

Artist Statement

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