Public Art



An animated micro short played on loop during the Lumiere art-at-night festival, 2018.

What happens when the place you love does not love you back? Maybe, you call it often, and leave a bunch of unanswered messages on its answering machine. Inspired in part by the complexity of living in a region that so many love and leave, Unanswered is a hand drawn animated short that reproduces the emotions that come from loving a place that does not love you back.

Apperception, 2018

Part of the SmART Spaces initiative presented by Lumière, CBRM and the Sydney Waterfront District.

Apperception is an interactive art work. Large illustrated frames coupled with adjectives act like mirrors to hold space for your reflection. This temporary work was installed on the large windows of a local business. Vinyl stickers were used to create the frames, adding to the temporary nature of the piece.

Esoteric Like a Poem, 2016

A visual narrative inspired by Cape Breton and told through ISOTYPEs (International System of TYpographic Picture Education); a pictorial language developed by sociologist Otto Neurath to represent complex social data with simple images.

Printed on six 5 x 3 inch banners featuring four ISOTYPEs per banner, and suspended in a local storefront. Project part of Lumiere art-at-night festival, 2016.